BRAVE - Building Resilience Awareness & Variations of Excellence is an innovative youth development nonprofit. We equip youth and families of color with core competencies as they navigate institutional oppression and reshape their communities into spaces that provide equitable opportunities. Our programs introduce youth to social justice awareness while cultivating positive self-identity with a commitment to strengthening their communities.

BRAVE was established in 2011 (formerly known as "Inspirational Workshops").
We started our journey partnering with YWCA Central Family Emergency Housing proving programming for young adult mothers living in the YWCA shelter.


Over the years, BRAVE has partnered with Cleveland High School, Garfield High School, Washington Middle School, South Lake High School, Talbot Hill Elementary, Therapeutic Health Services and many more nonprofit and educational institutions.

We collaborate with youth of color in their learning and development journey⁠—providing experiences and resources for critical thinking, exploring voice, deepening brilliance, and contributing to the health and renewal of their environments, communities, and reshaping systems.

We envision youth of color developing courageous and vibrant lives of purpose—leading and contributing to the strength and thriving of communities and environments.

Self-worth + Positive cultural identity

Goal-setting + Achievement

Community + Social responsibility

Resourcefulness + Resilience

Purpose + Development

History + Social justice + Equity


A yearly snapshot of the impact of BRAVE youth in their schools and communities.


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