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2024 Trailblazers Summer Program

Join us this summer for BRAVE Trailblazers Summer Programming (2024), where youth will immerse themselves in the performing arts while integrating social justice principles.

Participants will explore their history, culture, and identity, using artistic expression to foster personal growth and societal change.

Our program encourages critical thinking through a social justice lens, empowering BIPOC youth to celebrate their heritage and talents.

Through hands-on activities, they will develop self-confidence and become empowered change agents. Youth will emerge with a deeper understanding of social justice, ready to create a more equitable world.  

Dates: July 22 - August 15

Days: Mondays - Thursdays

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Light breakfast served at 8:30 am 

Transportation is provided! 



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